Uses of Interface

Packages that use Observable
The package javafx.beans contains the interfaces that define the most generic form of observability.
Provides classes that create and operate on a Binding that calculates a value that depends on one or more sources.
The package defines read-only properties and writable properties, plus a number of implementations.
Provides various classes that act as adapters between a regular Java Bean property and a corresponding JavaFX Property.
The package javafx.beans.value contains the two fundamental interfaces ObservableValue and WritableValue and all of its sub-interfaces.
Contains the essential JavaFX collections and collection utilities
Provides JavaFX collections that wrap and transform (for example, sort or filter) other JavaFX collections.
Provides API for making properties styleable via CSS and for supporting pseudo-class state.
The JavaFX User Interface Controls (UI Controls or just Controls) are specialized Nodes in the JavaFX Scenegraph especially suited for reuse in many different application contexts.
Provides the set of 2D classes for defining and performing operations on objects related to two-dimensional geometry.