Module javafx.base

Package javafx.beans.value

package javafx.beans.value

The package javafx.beans.value contains the two fundamental interfaces ObservableValue and WritableValue and all of its sub-interfaces.


An ObservableValue wraps a value that can be read and observed for invalidations and changes. Listeners have to implement either InvalidationListener or ChangeListener. To allow working with primitive types directly a number of sub-interfaces are defined.
ObservableValue Table
Type Sub-interface of ObservableValue
boolean ObservableBooleanValue
double ObservableDoubleValue
float ObservableFloatValue
int ObservableIntegerValue
long ObservableLongValue
double, float, int, long ObservableNumberValue
Object ObservableObjectValue
String ObservableStringValue


A WritableValue wraps a value that can be read and set. As with ObservableValues, a number of sub-interfaces are defined to work with primitive types directly.
WritableValue Table
Type Sub-interface of WritableValue
boolean WritableBooleanValue
double WritableDoubleValue
float WritableFloatValue
int WritableIntegerValue
long WritableLongValue
double, float, int, long WritableNumberValue
Object WritableObjectValue
String WritableStringValue