Module javafx.base

Class SetPropertyBase<E>

Type Parameters:
E - the type of the Set elements
All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<E>, Collection<E>, Set<E>, Observable, Property<ObservableSet<E>>, ReadOnlyProperty<ObservableSet<E>>, ObservableObjectValue<ObservableSet<E>>, ObservableSetValue<E>, ObservableValue<ObservableSet<E>>, WritableObjectValue<ObservableSet<E>>, WritableSetValue<E>, WritableValue<ObservableSet<E>>, ObservableSet<E>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class SetPropertyBase<E>
extends SetProperty<E>
The class SetPropertyBase is the base class for a property wrapping an ObservableSet. It provides all the functionality required for a property except for the ReadOnlyProperty.getBean() and ReadOnlyProperty.getName() methods, which must be implemented by extending classes.
JavaFX 2.1
See Also:
ObservableSet, SetProperty