Class TableCellSkinBase<S,T,C extends IndexedCell<T>>

Type Parameters:
S - The type of the UI control (e.g. the type of the 'row').
T - The type of the content in the cell, based on its TableColumnBase.
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
TableCellSkin, TreeTableCellSkin

public abstract class TableCellSkinBase<S,T,C extends IndexedCell<T>> extends CellSkinBase<C>
Base skin for table cell controls, for example: TableCell and TreeTableCell.
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  • Constructor Details

    • TableCellSkinBase

      public TableCellSkinBase(C control)
      Creates a new TableCellSkinBase instance, installing the necessary child nodes into the Control children list, as well as the necessary input mappings for handling key, mouse, etc events.
      control - The control that this skin should be installed onto.
  • Method Details

    • tableColumnProperty

      public abstract ReadOnlyObjectProperty<? extends TableColumnBase<S,T>> tableColumnProperty()
      The TableColumnBase instance that is responsible for this Cell.
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    • getTableColumn

      public final TableColumnBase<S,T> getTableColumn()
      Gets the value of the property tableColumn.
      Property description:
      The TableColumnBase instance that is responsible for this Cell.