Class TreeTableColumn.CellEditEvent<S,T>

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Serializable, Cloneable
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public static class TreeTableColumn.CellEditEvent<S,T> extends Event
An event that is fired when a user performs an edit on a table cell.
JavaFX 8.0
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  • Field Details

    • ANY

      public static final EventType<?> ANY
      Common supertype for all cell edit event types.
  • Constructor Details

    • CellEditEvent

      public CellEditEvent(TreeTableView<S> table, TreeTablePosition<S,T> pos, EventType<TreeTableColumn.CellEditEvent<S,T>> eventType, T newValue)
      Creates a new event that can be subsequently fired to the relevant listeners.
      table - The TableView on which this event occurred.
      pos - The position upon which this event occurred.
      eventType - The type of event that occurred.
      newValue - The value input by the end user.
  • Method Details

    • getTreeTableView

      public TreeTableView<S> getTreeTableView()
      Returns the TableView upon which this event occurred.
      The TableView control upon which this event occurred.
    • getTableColumn

      public TreeTableColumn<S,T> getTableColumn()
      Returns the TreeTableColumn upon which this event occurred.
      The TreeTableColumn that the edit occurred in.
    • getTreeTablePosition

      public TreeTablePosition<S,T> getTreeTablePosition()
      Returns the position upon which this event occurred.
      The position upon which this event occurred.
    • getNewValue

      public T getNewValue()
      Returns the new value input by the end user. This is not the value to go back into the TableView.items list - this new value represents just the input for a single cell, so it is likely that it needs to go back into a property within an item in the TableView.items list.
      An Object representing the new value input by the user.
    • getOldValue

      public T getOldValue()
      Attempts to return the old value at the position referred to in the TablePosition returned by getTreeTablePosition(). This may return null for a number of reasons.
      Returns the value stored in the position being edited, or null if it can not be retrieved.
    • getRowValue

      public TreeItem<S> getRowValue()
      Convenience method that returns the value for the row (that is, from the TableView items list), for the row contained within the TablePosition returned in getTreeTablePosition().
      the row value