Class TreeTableColumn.CellDataFeatures<S,​T>

Type Parameters:
S - The TableView type
T - The TreeTableColumn type
Enclosing class:

public static class TreeTableColumn.CellDataFeatures<S,​T>
extends Object
A support class used in TreeTableColumn as a wrapper class to provide all necessary information for a particular Cell. Once instantiated, this class is immutable.
JavaFX 8.0
  • Constructor Details

    • CellDataFeatures

      public CellDataFeatures​(TreeTableView<S> treeTableView, TreeTableColumn<S,​T> tableColumn, TreeItem<S> value)
      Instantiates a CellDataFeatures instance with the given properties set as read-only values of this instance.
      treeTableView - The TableView that this instance refers to.
      tableColumn - The TreeTableColumn that this instance refers to.
      value - The value for a row in the TableView.
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