Class VirtualContainerBase<C extends Control,​I extends IndexedCell>

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    Direct Known Subclasses:
    ListViewSkin, TableViewSkinBase, TreeViewSkin

    public abstract class VirtualContainerBase<C extends Control,​I extends IndexedCell>
    extends SkinBase<C>
    Parent class to control skins whose contents are virtualized and scrollable. This class handles the interaction with the VirtualFlow class, which is the main class handling the virtualization of the contents of this container.
    • Constructor Detail

      • VirtualContainerBase

        public VirtualContainerBase​(C control)
        control - the control
    • Method Detail

      • getItemCount

        protected abstract int getItemCount()
        Returns the total number of items in this container, including those that are currently hidden because they are out of view.
        the total number of items in this container
      • updateItemCount

        protected abstract void updateItemCount()
        This method is called when it is possible that the item count has changed (i.e. scrolling has occurred, the control has resized, etc). This method should recalculate the item count and store that for future use by the getItemCount() method.
      • createVirtualFlow

        protected VirtualFlow<I> createVirtualFlow()
        Create the virtualized container that handles the layout and scrolling of all the cells. This enables skin subclasses to provide a custom VirtualFlow implementation. If not overridden, this method intantiates a default VirtualFlow instance.
        newly created VirtualFlow instance
      • getVirtualFlow

        protected final VirtualFlow<I> getVirtualFlow()
        Get the virtualized container. Subclasses can invoke this method to get the VirtualFlow instance.
        the virtualized container
      • markItemCountDirty

        protected final void markItemCountDirty()
        Call this method to indicate that the item count should be updated on the next pulse.
      • layoutChildren

        protected void layoutChildren​(double x,
                                      double y,
                                      double w,
                                      double h)
        Called during the layout pass of the scenegraph.
        layoutChildren in class SkinBase<C extends Control>
        x - the x position
        y - the y position
        w - the width
        h - the height