Class NestedTableColumnHeader

All Implemented Interfaces:
Styleable, EventTarget

public class NestedTableColumnHeader extends TableColumnHeader

This class is used to construct the header of a TableView. We take the approach that every TableView header is nested - even if it isn't. This allows for us to use the same code for building a single row of TableColumns as we would with a heavily nested sequences of TableColumns. Because of this, the TableHeaderRow class consists of just one instance of a NestedTableColumnHeader.

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  • Constructor Details

    • NestedTableColumnHeader

      public NestedTableColumnHeader(TableColumnBase tc)
      Creates a new NestedTableColumnHeader instance to visually represent the given TableColumnBase instance.
      tc - The table column to be visually represented by this instance.
  • Method Details

    • getColumnHeaders

      public final ObservableList<TableColumnHeader> getColumnHeaders()
      Returns an unmodifiable list of the TableColumnHeader instances that are children of this NestedTableColumnHeader.
      the unmodifiable list of TableColumnHeader of this NestedTableColumnHeader
    • createTableColumnHeader

      protected TableColumnHeader createTableColumnHeader(TableColumnBase col)
      Creates a new TableColumnHeader instance for the given TableColumnBase instance. The general pattern for implementing this method is as follows:
      • If the given TableColumnBase instance is null, has no child columns, or if the given TableColumnBase instance equals the TableColumnBase instance returned by calling TableColumnHeader.getTableColumn(), then it is suggested to return a TableColumnHeader instance comprised of the given column.
      • Otherwise, we can presume that the given TableColumnBase instance has child columns, and in this case it is suggested to return a NestedTableColumnHeader instance instead.
      Note: In most circumstances this method should not be overridden, but in some circumstances it makes sense (e.g. testing, or when extreme customization is desired).
      col - the table column
      A new TableColumnHeader instance.