Class BorderStrokeStyle


public final class BorderStrokeStyle extends Object
Defines the style of the stroke to use on one side of a BorderStroke. There are several predefined styles, although the properties of these predefined styles may not match the settings used to ultimately draw them. Or you may create a new BorderStrokeStyle and define each of the stroke settings manually, similar to any Shape.
JavaFX 8.0
  • Field Details

    • NONE

      public static final BorderStrokeStyle NONE
      Indicates that no stroke should be drawn.
    • DOTTED

      public static final BorderStrokeStyle DOTTED
      A predefined dotted pattern to be used for stroking
    • DASHED

      public static final BorderStrokeStyle DASHED
      A predefined dashed pattern to be used for stroking
    • SOLID

      public static final BorderStrokeStyle SOLID
      A predefined solid line to be used for stroking
  • Constructor Details

    • BorderStrokeStyle

      public BorderStrokeStyle(StrokeType type, StrokeLineJoin lineJoin, StrokeLineCap lineCap, double miterLimit, double dashOffset, List<Double> dashArray)
      Creates a new BorderStrokeStyle.
      type - The type of stroke, whether rendered OUTSIDE, INSIDE, or CENTERED on the border line. If null, defaults to CENTERED.
      lineJoin - The line join. If null, defaults to MITER
      lineCap - The line cap. If null, defaults to BUTT.
      miterLimit - The miter limit. 10 is a good default value.
      dashOffset - The dashOffset. 0 is a good default value.
      dashArray - The dash array. If null, defaults to an empty list.
  • Method Details

    • getType

      public final StrokeType getType()
      Defines the direction (inside, outside, or both) that the strokeWidth is applied to the boundary of the shape.
      Default value:
      the the direction that the strokeWidth is applied to the boundary of the shape
    • getLineJoin

      public final StrokeLineJoin getLineJoin()
      Defines the decoration applied where path segments meet. The value must have one of the following values: StrokeLineJoin.BEVEL, StrokeLineJoin.MITER, and StrokeLineJoin.ROUND.
      Default value:
      the decoration applied where path segments meet
    • getLineCap

      public final StrokeLineCap getLineCap()
      The end cap style of this Shape as one of the following values that define possible end cap styles: StrokeLineCap.BUTT, StrokeLineCap.ROUND, and StrokeLineCap.SQUARE.
      Default value:
      the end cap style
    • getMiterLimit

      public final double getMiterLimit()
      Defines the limit for the StrokeLineJoin.MITER line join style.
      Default value:
      the limit for the StrokeLineJoin.MITER line join style
    • getDashOffset

      public final double getDashOffset()
      Defines a distance specified in user coordinates that represents an offset into the dashing pattern. In other words, the dash phase defines the point in the dashing pattern that will correspond to the beginning of the stroke.
      Default value:
      the offset into the dashing pattern
    • getDashArray

      public final List<Double> getDashArray()
      Defines the array representing the lengths of the dash segments. Alternate entries in the array represent the user space lengths of the opaque and transparent segments of the dashes. As the pen moves along the outline of the Shape to be stroked, the user space distance that the pen travels is accumulated. The distance value is used to index into the dash array. The pen is opaque when its current cumulative distance maps to an even element of the dash array and transparent otherwise. An empty dashArray indicates a solid line with no spaces.
      Default value:
      the array representing the lengths of the dash segments