Uses of Interface

Packages that use ObservableMap
Provides the set of classes for ease of use transition based animations.
Provides classes that create and operate on a Binding that calculates a value that depends on one or more sources.
The package defines read-only properties and writable properties, plus a number of implementations.
The package javafx.beans.value contains the two fundamental interfaces ObservableValue and WritableValue and all of its sub-interfaces.
Contains the essential JavaFX collections and collection utilities
Contains classes for loading an object hierarchy from markup.
Provides the core set of base classes for the JavaFX Scene Graph API.
The JavaFX User Interface Controls (UI Controls or just Controls) are specialized Nodes in the JavaFX Scenegraph especially suited for reuse in many different application contexts.
Provides the set of classes for integrating audio and video into Java FX Applications.
Provides the top-level container classes for JavaFX content.