Package javafx.stage

package javafx.stage

Provides the top-level container classes for JavaFX content.

  • Class
    Provides support for standard directory chooser dialogs.
    Provides support for standard platform file dialogs.
    Defines an extension filter, used for filtering which files can be chosen in a FileDialog based on the file name extensions.
    This enum defines the possible modality types for a Stage.
    A Popup is a special window-like container for a scene graph.
    PopupWindow is the parent for a variety of different types of popup based windows including Popup and Tooltip and ContextMenu.
    Anchor location constants for popup anchor point selection.
    Describes the characteristics of a graphics destination such as monitor.
    The JavaFX Stage class is the top level JavaFX container.
    This enum defines the possible styles for a Stage.
    A top level window within which a scene is hosted, and with which the user interacts.
    Event related to window showing/hiding actions.