Package javafx.concurrent

package javafx.concurrent

Provides the set of classes for javafx.concurrent.

This package provides the ability to run application code on threads other than the JavaFX event dispatch thread. The ability to control the execution and track the progress of the application code is also provided.

  • Class
    The ScheduledService is a Service that will automatically restart itself after a successful execution, and under some conditions will restart even in case of failure.
    A Service is a non-visual component encapsulating the information required to perform some work on one or more background threads.
    A fully observable implementation of a FutureTask.
    A Worker is an object which performs some work in one or more background threads, and whose state is observable and available to JavaFX applications and is usable from the main JavaFX Application thread.
    The state of a Worker.
    An event which occurs whenever the state changes on a Worker.