Package javafx.print

Class PageRange


public final class PageRange
extends Object
A PageRange is used to select or constrain the job print stream pages to print. Page numbering starts from 1 to correspond to user expectations. The start page must be greater than zero and less than or equal to the endpage. If start and end are equal, the range refers to a single page. Values that exceed the number of job pages are harmlessly ignored during printing.
JavaFX 8.0
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  • Constructor Details

    • PageRange

      public PageRange​(int startPage, int endPage)
      Create a new PageRange with the specified start and end page numbers.
      startPage - the first page in the range.
      endPage - the last page in the range.
      IllegalArgumentException - if the page range is not valid
  • Method Details

    • startPageProperty

      public ReadOnlyIntegerProperty startPageProperty()
      IntegerProperty representing the starting page number of the range. See getStartPage() for more information.
      See Also:
    • getStartPage

      public int getStartPage()
      the starting page of the range.
    • endPageProperty

      public ReadOnlyIntegerProperty endPageProperty()
      IntegerProperty representing the ending page number of the range. See getEndPage() for more information.
      See Also:
    • getEndPage

      public int getEndPage()
      the ending page of the range.