Package javafx.scene

Enum AccessibleRole

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Comparable<AccessibleRole>, Constable

public enum AccessibleRole
extends Enum<AccessibleRole>
This enum describes the accessible role for a Node. The role is used by assistive technologies such as screen readers to decide the set of actions and attributes for a node. For example, when the screen reader needs the current value of a slider, it will request it using the value attribute. When the screen reader changes the value of the slider, it will use an action to set the current value of the slider. The slider must respond appropriately to both these requests.
JavaFX 8u40
See Also:
Node.setAccessibleRole(AccessibleRole), Node.getAccessibleRole(), AccessibleAttribute.ROLE, Node.queryAccessibleAttribute(AccessibleAttribute, Object...), Node.executeAccessibleAction(AccessibleAction, Object...)