Package javafx.css

Class StyleableObjectProperty<T>

All Implemented Interfaces:
Observable, Property<T>, ReadOnlyProperty<T>, ObservableObjectValue<T>, ObservableValue<T>, WritableObjectValue<T>, WritableValue<T>, StyleableProperty<T>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class StyleableObjectProperty<T>
extends ObjectPropertyBase<T>
implements StyleableProperty<T>
This class extends ObjectPropertyBase and provides a partial implementation of a StyleableProperty. The method StyleableProperty.getCssMetaData() is not implemented. This class is used to make a ObjectProperty, that would otherwise be implemented as a ObjectPropertyBase, styleable by CSS.
JavaFX 8.0
See Also:
ObjectPropertyBase, CssMetaData, StyleableProperty
  • Constructor Details

    • StyleableObjectProperty

      public StyleableObjectProperty()
      The constructor of the StyleableObjectProperty.
    • StyleableObjectProperty

      public StyleableObjectProperty​(T initialValue)
      The constructor of the StyleableObjectProperty.
      initialValue - the initial value of the wrapped Object
  • Method Details

    • applyStyle

      public void applyStyle​(StyleOrigin origin, T v)
      This method is called from CSS code to set the value of the property.
      Specified by:
      applyStyle in interface StyleableProperty<T>
      origin - the origin
      v - the value
    • bind

      public void bind​(ObservableValue<? extends T> observable)
      Create a unidirection binding for this Property.

      Note that JavaFX has all the bind calls implemented through weak listeners. This means the bound property can be garbage collected and stopped from being updated.

      Specified by:
      bind in interface Property<T>
      bind in class ObjectPropertyBase<T>
      observable - The observable this Property should be bound to.
    • set

      public void set​(T v)
      Set the wrapped value. Should be equivalent to WritableValue.setValue(java.lang.Object)
      Specified by:
      set in interface WritableObjectValue<T>
      set in class ObjectPropertyBase<T>
      v - The new value
      See Also:
    • getStyleOrigin

      public StyleOrigin getStyleOrigin()
      Tells the origin of the value of the property. This is needed to determine whether or not CSS can override the value.
      Specified by:
      getStyleOrigin in interface StyleableProperty<T>
      the style origin