Class TableCellSkinBase<S,​T,​C extends IndexedCell<T>>

Type Parameters:
S - The type of the UI control (e.g. the type of the 'row').
T - The type of the content in the cell, based on its TableColumnBase.
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
TableCellSkin, TreeTableCellSkin

public abstract class TableCellSkinBase<S,​T,​C extends IndexedCell<T>>
extends CellSkinBase<C>
Base skin for table cell controls, for example: TableCell and TreeTableCell.
See Also:
TableCell, TreeTableCell
  • Property Details

  • Constructor Details

    • TableCellSkinBase

      public TableCellSkinBase​(C control)
      Creates a new TableCellSkinBase instance, installing the necessary child nodes into the Control children list, as well as the necessary input mappings for handling key, mouse, etc events.
      control - The control that this skin should be installed onto.
  • Method Details

    • tableColumnProperty

      public abstract ReadOnlyObjectProperty<? extends TableColumnBase<S,​T>> tableColumnProperty()
      The TableColumnBase instance that is responsible for this Cell.
      See Also:
    • getTableColumn

      public final TableColumnBase<S,​T> getTableColumn()
      Gets the value of the property tableColumn.
      Property description:
      The TableColumnBase instance that is responsible for this Cell.
    • dispose

      public void dispose()
      * Public API * *
      Specified by:
      dispose in interface Skin<S>
      dispose in class LabeledSkinBase<C extends IndexedCell<T>>
    • layoutChildren

      protected void layoutChildren​(double x, double y, double w, double h)
      The Layout algorithm works like this: - Get the labeled w/h, graphic w/h, text w/h - Compute content w/h based on graphicVPos, graphicHPos, graphicTextGap, and graphic w/h and text w/h - (Note that the text content has been pre-truncated where necessary) - compute content x/y based on content w/h and labeled w/h and the labeled's hpos and vpos - position the graphic and text
      layoutChildren in class LabeledSkinBase<C extends IndexedCell<T>>
      x - the x position
      y - the y position
      w - the width
      h - the height
    • computePrefWidth

      protected double computePrefWidth​(double height, double topInset, double rightInset, double bottomInset, double leftInset)
      Calculates the preferred width of this SkinBase. The default implementation calculates this width as the width of the area occupied by its managed children when they are positioned at their current positions at their preferred widths.
      computePrefWidth in class LabeledSkinBase<C extends IndexedCell<T>>
      height - the height that should be used if preferred width depends on it
      topInset - the pixel snapped top inset
      rightInset - the pixel snapped right inset
      bottomInset - the pixel snapped bottom inset
      leftInset - the pixel snapped left inset
      the calculated preferred width