Package javafx.scene

Class Cursor

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public abstract class Cursor
extends Object
A class to encapsulate the bitmap representation of the mouse cursor.
JavaFX 2.0
  • Field Details


      public static final Cursor DEFAULT
      The default cursor type (gets set if no cursor is defined).

      public static final Cursor CROSSHAIR
      The crosshair cursor type.
    • TEXT

      public static final Cursor TEXT
      The text cursor type.
    • WAIT

      public static final Cursor WAIT
      The wait cursor type.

      public static final Cursor SW_RESIZE
      The south-west-resize cursor type.

      public static final Cursor SE_RESIZE
      The south-east-resize cursor type.

      public static final Cursor NW_RESIZE
      The north-west-resize cursor type.

      public static final Cursor NE_RESIZE
      The north-east-resize cursor type.
    • N_RESIZE

      public static final Cursor N_RESIZE
      The north-resize cursor type.
    • S_RESIZE

      public static final Cursor S_RESIZE
      The south-resize cursor type.
    • W_RESIZE

      public static final Cursor W_RESIZE
      The west-resize cursor type.
    • E_RESIZE

      public static final Cursor E_RESIZE
      The east-resize cursor type.

      public static final Cursor OPEN_HAND
      A cursor with a hand which is open

      public static final Cursor CLOSED_HAND
      A cursor with a hand that is closed, often used when "grabbing", for example, when panning.
    • HAND

      public static final Cursor HAND
      The hand cursor type, resembling a pointing hand, often used to indicate that something can be clicked, such as a hyperlink.
    • MOVE

      public static final Cursor MOVE
      The move cursor type.

      public static final Cursor DISAPPEAR
      The disappear cursor type. This is often used when dragging something, such that when the user releases the mouse, the item will disappear. On Mac, this is used when dragging items off a toolbar or in other such situations.
    • H_RESIZE

      public static final Cursor H_RESIZE
      The horizontal cursor type.
    • V_RESIZE

      public static final Cursor V_RESIZE
      The vertical cursor type.
    • NONE

      public static final Cursor NONE
      The none cursor type. On platforms that don't support custom cursors, this will be the same as DEFAULT.
  • Method Details

    • toString

      public String toString()
      Returns a string representation for the cursor.
      toString in class Object
      a string representation for the cursor.
    • cursor

      public static Cursor cursor​(String identifier)
      Returns a cursor for the specified identifier. The identifier can be either a name of some standard cursor or a valid URL string. If the identifier names a standard cursor the corresponding cursor is returned. In the case of a URL string, the method returns a new ImageCursor created for that URL.
      identifier - the cursor identifier
      the cursor for the identifier
      IllegalArgumentException - if the cursor identifier is not a valid URL string nor any standard cursor name