Package javafx.css

Class ParsedValue<V,​T>


public class ParsedValue<V,​T>
extends Object
A representation of a parsed CSS value. V is the type of the parsed value, T is the StyleableProperty type of the converted value. Instances of ParsedValue are created by the CSS parser. For example, the parser creates a ParsedValue<String,Color> when it parses a web Color.

A ParsedValue is meaningful to the code that calculates actual values from parsed CSS values. Elsewhere the value returned by getValue() is likely to be obscure, abstruse and perplexing.

JavaFX 8.0
  • Field Details

  • Constructor Details

    • ParsedValue

      protected ParsedValue​(V value, StyleConverter<V,​T> converter)
      Create an instance of ParsedValue where the value type V is converted to the target type T using the given converter. If converter is null, then it is assumed that the type of value V and the type of target T are the same and do not need converted.
      value - the value to be converted
      converter - the converter
  • Method Details

    • getValue

      public final V getValue()
      The CSS property value as created by the parser, which may be null or otherwise incomprehensible.
    • getConverter

      public final StyleConverter<V,​T> getConverter()
      A StyleConverter converts the parsed value to the type of the StyleableProperty. If the StyleConverter is null, convert(javafx.scene.text.Font) will return getValue()
      The StyleConverter which converts the parsed value to the type of the StyleableProperty. May return null.
    • convert

      public T convert​(Font font)
      Convenience method for calling convert on this ParsedValue.
      font - The Font to use when converting a relative value.
      The value converted to the type of the StyleableProperty
      See Also:
    • isContainsLookups

      public boolean isContainsLookups()
      If value is itself a ParsedValue or sequence of values, and should any of those values need to be looked up, then this flag is set. This does not mean that this particular value needs to be looked up, but that this value contains a value that needs to be looked up.
      true if this value contains a value that needs to be looked up, otherwise false
    • isLookup

      public boolean isLookup()
      If value references another property, then the real value needs to be looked up.
      true if value references another property, otherwise false