Class TreeTablePosition<S,​T>

Type Parameters:
S - The type of the TreeItem instances contained within the TreeTableView.
T - The type of the items contained within the TreeTableColumn.

public class TreeTablePosition<S,​T>
extends TablePositionBase<TreeTableColumn<S,​T>>
This class is used to represent a single row/column/cell in a TreeTableView. This is used throughout the TreeTableView API to represent which rows/columns/cells are currently selected, focused, being edited, etc. Note that this class is immutable once it is created.

Because the TreeTableView can have different selection modes, the row and column properties in TablePosition can be 'disabled' to represent an entire row or column. This is done by setting the unrequired property to -1 or null.

JavaFX 8.0
See Also:
TreeTableView, TreeTableColumn
  • Constructor Details

    • TreeTablePosition

      public TreeTablePosition​(TreeTableView<S> treeTableView, int row, TreeTableColumn<S,​T> tableColumn)
      Constructs a TreeTablePosition instance to represent the given row/column position in the given TreeTableView instance. Both the TreeTableView and TreeTableColumn are referenced weakly in this class, so it is possible that they will be null when their respective getters are called.
      treeTableView - The TreeTableView that this position is related to.
      row - The row that this TreeTablePosition is representing.
      tableColumn - The TreeTableColumn instance that this TreeTablePosition represents.
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