Module javafx.base

Class WeakListChangeListener<E>

Type Parameters:
E - The type of the observed value
All Implemented Interfaces:
WeakListener, ListChangeListener<E>

public final class WeakListChangeListener<E>
extends Object
implements ListChangeListener<E>, WeakListener
A WeakListChangeListener can be used, if an ObservableList should only maintain a weak reference to the listener. This helps to avoid memory leaks, that can occur if observers are not unregistered from observed objects after use.

WeakListChangeListener are created by passing in the original ListChangeListener. The WeakListChangeListener should then be registered to listen for changes of the observed object.

Note: You have to keep a reference to the ListChangeListener, that was passed in as long as it is in use, otherwise it will be garbage collected to soon.

JavaFX 2.1
See Also:
ListChangeListener, ObservableList, WeakListener