Module javafx.base

Class ReadOnlyJavaBeanBooleanPropertyBuilder


public final class ReadOnlyJavaBeanBooleanPropertyBuilder
extends Object
A ReadOnlyJavaBeanBooleanPropertyBuilder can be used to create ReadOnlyJavaBeanBooleanProperties. To create a ReadOnlyJavaBeanBooleanProperty one first has to call create() to generate a builder, set the required properties, and then one can call build() to generate the property.

Not all properties of a builder have to specified, there are several combinations possible. As a minimum the name(java.lang.String) of the property and the bean(java.lang.Object) have to be specified. If the name of the getter follows the conventions, this is sufficient. Otherwise it is possible to specify an alternative name for the getter (getter(java.lang.String)) or the getter Methods directly (getter(java.lang.reflect.Method)).

All methods to change properties return a reference to this builder, to enable method chaining.

If you have to generate adapters for the same property of several instances of the same class, you can reuse a ReadOnlyJavaBeanBooleanPropertyBuilder. by switching the Java Bean instance (with bean(java.lang.Object) and calling build().

JavaFX 2.1
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