Class KeyCharacterCombination


public final class KeyCharacterCombination extends KeyCombination
This class represents a key combination in which the main key is specified by its character. Such key combination is dependent on the keyboard functional layout configured by the user at the time of key combination matching.
JavaFX 2.0
  • Constructor Details

    • KeyCharacterCombination

      Constructs a KeyCharacterCombination for the specified main key character and with an explicit specification of all modifier keys. Each modifier key can be set to PRESSED, RELEASED or IGNORED.
      character - the main key character
      shift - the value of the shift modifier key
      control - the value of the control modifier key
      alt - the value of the alt modifier key
      meta - the value of the meta modifier key
      shortcut - the value of the shortcut modifier key
    • KeyCharacterCombination

      public KeyCharacterCombination(String character, KeyCombination.Modifier... modifiers)
      Constructs a KeyCharacterCombination for the specified main key character and the specified list of modifiers. All modifier keys which are not explicitly listed are set to the default RELEASED value.

      All possible modifiers which change the default modifier value are defined as constants in the KeyCombination class.

      character - the main key character
      modifiers - the list of modifier keys and their corresponding values
  • Method Details

    • getCharacter

      public final String getCharacter()
      Gets the key character associated with this key combination.
      The key character associated with this key combination
    • match

      public boolean match(KeyEvent event)
      Tests whether this key combination matches the key combination in the given KeyEvent. The key character of this object is first translated to the key code which is capable of producing the character in the current keyboard layout and then the resulting key code together with the modifier keys are matched against the key code and key modifiers from the KeyEvent. This means that the method can return true only for KEY_PRESSED and KEY_RELEASED events, but not for KEY_TYPED events, which don't have valid key codes.
      match in class KeyCombination
      event - the key event
      true if the key combinations match, false otherwise
    • getName

      public String getName()
      Returns a string representation of this KeyCharacterCombination.

      The string representation consists of sections separated by plus characters. Each section specifies either a modifier key or the main key.

      A modifier key section contains the KeyCode name of a modifier key. It can be prefixed with the Ignored keyword. A non-prefixed modifier key implies its PRESSED value while the prefixed version implies the IGNORED value. If some modifier key is not specified in the string at all, it means it has the default RELEASED value.

      The main key section contains the main key character enclosed in single quotes and is the last section in the returned string.

      getName in class KeyCombination
      the string representation of this KeyCharacterCombination
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object obj)
      Tests whether this KeyCharacterCombination equals to the specified object.
      equals in class KeyCombination
      obj - the object to compare to
      true if the objects are equal, false otherwise
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      Returns a hash code value for this KeyCharacterCombination.
      hashCode in class KeyCombination
      the hash code value