Class Effect

Direct Known Subclasses:
Blend, Bloom, BoxBlur, ColorAdjust, ColorInput, DisplacementMap, DropShadow, GaussianBlur, Glow, ImageInput, InnerShadow, Lighting, MotionBlur, PerspectiveTransform, Reflection, SepiaTone, Shadow

public abstract class Effect
extends Object
The abstract base class for all effect implementations. An effect is a graphical algorithm that produces an image, typically as a modification of a source image. An effect can be associated with a scene graph Node by setting the Node.effect attribute. Some effects change the color properties of the source pixels (such as ColorAdjust), others combine multiple images together (such as Blend), while still others warp or move the pixels of the source image around (such as DisplacementMap or PerspectiveTransform). All effects have at least one input defined and the input can be set to another effect to chain the effects together and combine their results, or it can be left unspecified in which case the effect will operate on a graphical rendering of the node it is attached to.

Note: this is a conditional feature. See ConditionalFeature.EFFECT for more information.

JavaFX 2.0
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    • Effect

      protected Effect()
      Creates a new Effect.