Package javafx.scene

Class SnapshotParameters


public class SnapshotParameters
extends Object
Parameters used to specify the rendering attributes for Node snapshot.
JavaFX 2.2
  • Constructor Details

    • SnapshotParameters

      public SnapshotParameters()
      Constructs a new SnapshotParameters object with default values for all rendering attributes.
  • Method Details

    • isDepthBuffer

      public boolean isDepthBuffer()
      Gets the current depthBuffer flag.
      the depthBuffer flag
    • setDepthBuffer

      public void setDepthBuffer​(boolean depthBuffer)
      Sets the depthBuffer flag to the specified value. The default value is false. Note that this is a conditional feature. See ConditionalFeature.SCENE3D
      depthBuffer - the depthBuffer to set
    • getCamera

      public Camera getCamera()
      Gets the current camera.
      the camera
    • setCamera

      public void setCamera​(Camera camera)
      Sets the camera to the specified value. The default value is null, which means a ParallelCamera will be used.
      camera - the camera to set
    • getTransform

      public Transform getTransform()
      Gets the current transform.
      the transform
    • setTransform

      public void setTransform​(Transform transform)
      Sets the transform to the specified value. This transform is applied to the node being rendered before any local transforms are applied. A value of null indicates that the identity transform should be used. The default value is null.
      transform - the transform to set
    • getFill

      public Paint getFill()
      Gets the current fill.
      the fill
    • setFill

      public void setFill​(Paint fill)
      Sets the fill to the specified value. This is used to fill the entire image being rendered prior to rendering the node. A value of null indicates that the color white should be used for the fill. The default value is null.
      fill - the fill to set
    • getViewport

      public Rectangle2D getViewport()
      Gets the current viewport
      the viewport
    • setViewport

      public void setViewport​(Rectangle2D viewport)
      Sets the viewport used for rendering. The viewport is specified in the parent coordinate system of the node being rendered. It is not transformed by the transform of this SnapshotParameters. If this viewport is non-null it is used instead of the bounds of the node being rendered and specifies the source rectangle that will be rendered into the image. In this case, the upper-left pixel of the viewport will map to the upper-left pixel (0,0) in the rendered image. If the viewport is null, then the entire area of the node defined by its boundsInParent, after first applying the transform of this SnapshotParameters, will be rendered. The default value is null.
      viewport - the viewport to set