Class ToggleButton

All Implemented Interfaces:
Styleable, EventTarget, Skinnable, Toggle
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public class ToggleButton
extends ButtonBase
implements Toggle
A ToggleButton is a specialized control which has the ability to be selected. Typically a ToggleButton is rendered similarly to a Button. However, they are two different types of Controls. A Button is a "command" button which invokes a function when clicked. A ToggleButton on the other hand is simply a control with a Boolean indicating whether it has been selected.

ToggleButton can also be placed in groups. By default, a ToggleButton is not in a group. When in groups, only one ToggleButton at a time within that group can be selected. To put two ToggleButtons in the same group, simply assign them both the same value for ToggleGroup.

Unlike RadioButtons, ToggleButtons in a ToggleGroup do not attempt to force at least one selected ToggleButton in the group. That is, if a ToggleButton is selected, clicking on it will cause it to become unselected. With RadioButton, clicking on the selected button in the group will have no effect.


 ToggleButton tb1 = new ToggleButton("toggle button 1");
 ToggleButton tb2 = new ToggleButton("toggle button 2");
 ToggleButton tb3 = new ToggleButton("toggle button 3");
 ToggleGroup group = new ToggleGroup();
Image of the ToggleButton control

MnemonicParsing is enabled by default for ToggleButton.

JavaFX 2.0
  • Constructor Details

    • ToggleButton

      public ToggleButton()
      Creates a toggle button with an empty string for its label.
    • ToggleButton

      public ToggleButton​(String text)
      Creates a toggle button with the specified text as its label.
      text - A text string for its label.
    • ToggleButton

      public ToggleButton​(String text, Node graphic)
      Creates a toggle button with the specified text and icon for its label.
      text - A text string for its label.
      graphic - the icon for its label.
  • Method Details

    • getInitialAlignment

      protected Pos getInitialAlignment()
      Returns the initial alignment state of this control, for use by the JavaFX CSS engine to correctly set its initial value. This method is overridden to use Pos.CENTER initially.
      getInitialAlignment in class Labeled
      the initial alignment state of this control