Module javafx.base

Class ObservableArrayBase<T extends ObservableArray<T>>

Type Parameters:
T - actual array instance type
All Implemented Interfaces:
Observable, ObservableArray<T>

public abstract class ObservableArrayBase<T extends ObservableArray<T>>
extends Object
implements ObservableArray<T>
Abstract class that serves as a base class for ObservableArray implementations. The base class provides listener handling functionality by implementing addListener and removeListener methods. fireChange(boolean, int, int) method is provided for notifying the listeners.
JavaFX 8.0
See Also:
ObservableArray, ArrayChangeListener
  • Constructor Details

    • ObservableArrayBase

      public ObservableArrayBase()
      Creates a default ObservableArrayBase.
  • Method Details

    • fireChange

      protected final void fireChange​(boolean sizeChanged, int from, int to)
      Notifies all listeners of a change
      sizeChanged - indicates size of array changed
      from - A beginning (inclusive) of an interval related to the change
      to - An end (exclusive) of an interval related to the change.