Module javafx.base

Class ReadOnlyBooleanPropertyBase

All Implemented Interfaces:
Observable, ReadOnlyProperty<Boolean>, ObservableBooleanValue, ObservableValue<Boolean>
Direct Known Subclasses:

public abstract class ReadOnlyBooleanPropertyBase
extends ReadOnlyBooleanProperty
Base class for all readonly properties wrapping a boolean. This class provides a default implementation to attach listener.
JavaFX 2.0
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  • Constructor Details

    • ReadOnlyBooleanPropertyBase

      public ReadOnlyBooleanPropertyBase()
      Creates a default ReadOnlyBooleanPropertyBase.
  • Method Details

    • fireValueChangedEvent

      protected void fireValueChangedEvent()
      Sends notifications to all attached InvalidationListeners and ChangeListeners. This method needs to be called, if the value of this property changes.