Module javafx.base
Package javafx.beans

Class WeakInvalidationListener

All Implemented Interfaces:
InvalidationListener, WeakListener

public final class WeakInvalidationListener
extends Object
implements InvalidationListener, WeakListener
A WeakInvalidationListener can be used if an Observable should only maintain a weak reference to the listener. This helps to avoid memory leaks that can occur if observers are not unregistered from observed objects after use.

A WeakInvalidationListener is created by passing in the original InvalidationListener. The WeakInvalidationListener should then be registered to listen for changes of the observed object.

Note: You have to keep a reference to the InvalidationListener that was passed in as long as it is in use, otherwise it can be garbage collected too soon.

JavaFX 2.0
See Also:
InvalidationListener, Observable
  • Constructor Details

    • WeakInvalidationListener

      public WeakInvalidationListener​(InvalidationListener listener)
      The constructor of WeakInvalidationListener.
      listener - The original listener that should be notified