Module javafx.base

Interface ObservableMapValue<K,​V>

Type Parameters:
K - the type of the key elements of the Map
V - the type of the value elements of the Map
All Superinterfaces:
Map<K,​V>, Observable, ObservableMap<K,​V>, ObservableObjectValue<ObservableMap<K,​V>>, ObservableValue<ObservableMap<K,​V>>
All Known Implementing Classes:
MapBinding, MapExpression, MapProperty, MapPropertyBase, ReadOnlyMapProperty, ReadOnlyMapPropertyBase, ReadOnlyMapWrapper, SimpleMapProperty

public interface ObservableMapValue<K,​V>
extends ObservableObjectValue<ObservableMap<K,​V>>, ObservableMap<K,​V>
An observable reference to an ObservableMap.
JavaFX 2.1
See Also:
ObservableMap, ObservableObjectValue, ObservableValue