Package javafx.print

Class JobSettings


public final class JobSettings
extends Object
The JobSettings class encapsulates most of the configuration of a print job. Applications do not - and cannot - directly create or set a JobSettings instance. One is already installed on the print job when it is created.

As documented on PrinterJob, the JobSettings installed on that job will initially reflect the current default settings for the initially associated printer for that job.

The JobSettings delegate then remains the same for the life of the job, and will have it's member properties updated to be compatible with a change in Printer on the job. For example as a result of a user interaction via a platform's dialog. An incompatible setting will usually cause the setting to revert to the default for the new printer.

Any implicit or explicit updates to settings resulting from the user interaction with dialog will be propagated and visible to the application once the user approves the settings by dismissing the dialog using its "accept" option.

For most printing applications it is likely sufficient to let the user set the desired options and have these propagated to the job. For applications which need them, there are setter and getter methods for the individual options, which are also available as properties, and change in values of settings may be monitored and updated via these properties.

Not all values of settings are available on all printers. For example a printer may not support two-sided printing. See the Printer class for how to to determine supported settings.

JavaFX 8.0