Module javafx.base

Package javafx.beans

The package javafx.beans contains the interfaces that define the most generic form of observability. All other classes in the JavaFX library, that are observable, extend the Observable interface.

An implementation of Observable allows to attach an InvalidationListener. The contentBinding gets notified every time the Observable may have changed. Typical implementations of Observable are all properties, all bindings, ObservableList, and ObservableMap.

An InvalidationListener will get no further information, e.g. it will not get the old and the new value of a property. If you need more information consider using a ChangeListener for properties and bindings, ListChangeListener for ObservableLists or MapChangeListener for ObservableMap instead.

  • Interface Summary 
    Interface Description
    An InvalidationListener is notified whenever an Observable becomes invalid.
    An Observable is an entity that wraps content and allows to observe the content for invalidations.
    WeakListener is the super interface of all weak listener implementations in the JavaFX API.
  • Class Summary 
    Class Description
    A WeakInvalidationListener can be used if an Observable should only maintain a weak reference to the listener.
  • Annotation Types Summary 
    Annotation Type Description
    Specifies a property to which child elements will be added or set when an explicit property is not given.
    Annotation that provides information about argument's name.