Package javafx.css

Class FontCssMetaData<S extends Styleable>

  • Type Parameters:
    S - The type of Styleable

    public abstract class FontCssMetaData<S extends Styleable>
    extends CssMetaData<S,​Font>
    An partial implementation of CssMetaData for Font properties which includes the font sub-properties: weight, style, family and size.
    JavaFX 8.0
    • Constructor Detail

      • FontCssMetaData

        public FontCssMetaData​(String property,
                               Font initial)
        Constructs a FontCSSMetaData object from the specified property and initial Font. The property name is concatenated with "-weight", "-style", "-family" and "-size" to create the sub-properties. For example, new FontCssMetaData<Text>("-fx-font", Font.getDefault()); will create a CssMetaData for "-fx-font" with sub-properties: "-fx-font-weight", "-fx-font-style", "-fx-font-family" and "-fx-font-size"
        property - the property name
        initial - the initial font