Package javafx.css

Class CompoundSelector

  • public final class CompoundSelector
    extends Selector
    A compound selector which behaves according to the CSS standard. The selector is composed of one or more Selectors, along with an array of CompoundSelectorRelationships indicating the required relationship at each stage. There must be exactly one less Combinator than there are selectors.

    For example, the parameters [selector1, selector2, selector3] and [Combinator.CHILD, Combinator.DESCENDANT] will match a component when all of the following conditions hold:

    1. The component itself is matched by selector3
    2. The component has an ancestor which is matched by selector2
    3. The ancestor matched in step 2 is a direct CHILD of a component matched by selector1
    In other words, the compound selector specified above is (in CSS syntax) selector1 > selector2 selector3. The greater-than (>) between selector1 and selector2 specifies a direct CHILD, whereas the whitespace between selector2 and selector3 corresponds to Combinator.DESCENDANT.